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Driving Decoders

When choosing a driving decoder for an LGB loco Klaus recommends these decoders for best results: ESU, Lenz, or Original LGB if needed for restoration.
Both, ESU and Lenz combine
 these very important features in their decoders:

+ the best quality
+ newest technology
+ excellent driving characteristics
+ mix/matchable w/LGB technology
+ reliable functioning
+ easy installation
+ performance according to Klaus' high standards to maintain the value of your LGB loco.

Klaus offers these decoders because they persevere over time, follow developing technology, offer high-quality driving characteristics and work well with Original LGB boards and decoders.

Our top decoders are:

ESU LokPilot XL 4.0 - NEW in 2014

The brand new ESU Lokpilot XL 4.0
To quote ESU’s own webpage description of this decoder: “ The biggest of all LokPilot decoders is truly the new LokPilot XL V4.0. It speaks DCC with RailCom-Plus®, Motorola®, Selectrix® and M4 as well as auto-detection. With its high motor-output performance, 8 function (channels) and 4 servo channels as well as an integrated PowerPack it is perfectly made for outdoor railway and large scales. Screw terminals make a simple installment possible.”
For further detailed information call Klaus or go to  This decoder is truly state-of-the-art, filling a void that even Lenz (as the mother of all G-Scale decoders) couldn’t quite fill.  $99.00 estimate.

Lenz Driving Decoder(s) ( for G-Scale)

The Lenz GOLD maxi decoder, 3Amps, 5A max

Fire box light included. For analog and digital operation. Works with all NMRA compatible DCC systems; Lenz developed the technology that is the base for the NMRA standard.  Lenz works with any sound decoder in your LGB loco; equipped with Railcom. Excellent performance in slow speed, no more stuttering in slow-mode operation. Comes with SUSI-Bus for  easy click-in installation for additional sound, pulsed smokers; silent motor control; 8 dimmable function outputs; controls  A/C motors, no heat-built-up, various light functions like Gyra, MARS, Strobe; address range is 1- 9999. Price : US$99.00

Dietz or Uhlenbrock Driving Decoders
Dietz and Uhlenbrock, two  German companies, began developing very good driving decoders a few years ago and are now making  a series of decoders (photo at ) for retrofitting LGB locos. Also available through Klaus are SUSI bus retrofitters to combine older sounds with new driving decoders or vice versa. See Price starting at US$120.00

We feature select Motor/Switch DecodersReverse Loop Modules, Switch Decoders

Please call us at 770-886-6670 for detailed information
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