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Estate Management

Even though there has been very little new LGB driving stock coming to the US market we have experienced a stronger and growing supply of existing LGB stock coming from estates, a personal need to sell or change of collection/hobby. 

To help both sides in this deal and avoid eBay and the uncertainty it brings to the untrained bidder/seller (bidding timing, understanding condition of the LGB product, ability to determine correct value of auctioned item to name a few) we offer estate management exclusively for LGB trains.

What you get on the Seller's Side:

  • we help you list and pre-organize your LGB items for sale
  • we take locos/cars into our workshop for examination 
  • we determine the current condition, current value and approximate realizable sales price 
  • we repair or restore the loco/car to improve sales chance and sales price upon seller's OK
  • we certify status of condition, value and production data of the LGB loco/car up for sale
  • we utilize our own database to offer and sell the LGB product
  • we do NOT use eBay. We sell through our blogs and 
  • we organize professional packing, shipping and payment 
  • we issue payment to you within 5 days of sale

Bottom line: you give us the loco, we service, valuate and sell it for you and you get the money. Done.

Brokerage fee is 18 % - 22% depending on work(shop) scope and volume sold and usually includes certification, spare parts and labor. Decoders and other added accessories are negotiated separately.

What you get on the Buyer's Side:

  • an LGB loco/car that comes with a certificate issued by "Famous Klaus" stating explicitly the loco/car characteristics, condition, year built, present value, improvements made, and added accessories.
  • knowing that you get what you paid for
  • get what you want: we search for you for that hard-to-find LGB loco/car you always wanted (limited to driving stock made before 2006)
  • access to truly international LGB supply: we work with sellers in USA, Canada, Germany, Austria, France and Italy
  • no auction hassle - we do the work for you
  • feel confident with your mind at ease when purchasing a collector's LGB item 
  • we install for you state-of-the-art decoders, additional features (light, smoke, etc), getting the loco ready for instant operation. 

A brokerage fee may be applicable in extreme search cases and will be negotiated upfront. 

What to do next?

If seller or buyer please contact us via email: klaus@traincraftbyklaus or call us at PH: 770-886-6670 (weekdays from 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. EST).

Selected LGB items offered through our estate management might be listed in our blog

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