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Morton Salt Train 'Set'

The very first Morton Salt car came in 1993, was made in Germany and it was the 

LGB 4090 MS 

Then 13 years later, in 2006, LGB offered a complete Morton Salt Train 'set' with a Diesel switcher LGB # 24630, the Morton Salt ore car LGB # 44040, the Morton Salt Steel Box Car LGB # 40916 and the Morton Salt Center Flow Hopper LGB# 43823.

This is a very RARE occasion to own this complete Morton Salt Train 'Set'.. It has never been out of the box and has never been used. Its previous owner was a pure collector who did not operate these trains!

LGB 24630 Diesel Switcher with DCC interface, 2 locos available

LGB 44040 Morton Salt ore car, 1 available

LGB 43823 Morton Salt Hopper car, 1 available

LGB 40916 Morton Salt Steel boxcar, 1 available

The price for the set ( 2 diesel switcher and 4 freight cars) is

 For all other inquiries including single purchases please call at 770-886-6670 or email at

The set comes with a 1 Year Warranty on the locos and cars and a Certificate stating manufacturing year, condition, and appraised value per single set item.

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