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The last three years have brought a lot of changes to the LGB brand and the ability to replace old LGB boards or  improve LGB locos and cars with additional parts like (better) driving decoders, adding or improving sound, adding smoke generators or even pulsed smoke generators (=chuffing synchronized with the chugging of the wheels). 

LGB never put that much emphasize on high-quality decoders or sound and the older your LGB loco is the more likely your decoders, boards and sound will give up and simply die of old age. In the past we replaced them with Massoth decoders. Unfortunately at one point, about 5 years ago, Massoth stopped to develop modern decoder technology. 

Klaus approaches replacing a 'dead' LGB decoder by deciding between:

 ¤ The LGB loco is in 10 or 10-mint condition, then he tries to find a functioning LGB decoder of the same type and model and replaces it (this becomes more and more costlier since a lot of decoders, boards, and sounds are simply no longer available and Klaus has to re-construct them from older parts)
¤ The LGB loco benefits  from a higher quality non-LGB decoder in regard to value and operating mode.  In this case Klaus' claim and expectations towards  modern decoder(s) are
  • that they are of superior quality,
  • mirroring today's advances in decoder technology,
  • come with easy-to-follow instructions for the DIY'ers,
  • are mix-and-match-able with today's leading control-technology
  • operate flawlessly from the start
To fulfill these, his own requirements Klaus utilizes decoders by Lenz, ESU, Phoenix Dietz, Uhlenbrock, and selected 'newcomers' to the market (look for KM-1 in the future). They are presented below under their respective functions.

 Driving Decoders

Sound Decoders and Accessories

Smoke Generators and Accessories


Spare Parts and Mechanical Wear&Tear Parts for LGB locos/cars

Layout Improvements (specialty buildings, switches, couplers etc)

Klaus-Certified LGB Locos with high collector's value. (We are currently accepting purchase orders/wishes for LGB locos and select LGB cars)

We are currently adding select / new  products. Until they are all displayed on this website please call Klaus  at 770-886-6670 for further information
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