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The left image shows Klaus' CNC lathe and the right image displays his 3-D mill

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Repair of  LGB locos and cars
  • Reconstruction of LGB loco parts
  • Installation of driving and/or sound decoders into LGB locos
  • Appraisal/Valuation of LGB trains/collections for insurance purposes
  • Valuation of LGB trains/collections for tax purposes (donations)(Form 8232)

In his workshop Klaus uses his sophisticated machinery to manufacture parts that are utilized in installations, e.g. support plates, mounting plates, adapters etc, or re-produces parts that are missing or destroyed at/on an LGB loco or LGB part.

For questions regarding work on your LGB loco/car please call
Klaus at 770-886-6670 or email him at
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