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Smoke Generators

Seuthe smoke generators are the traditional smoke generators used in LGB locos. We carry them in stock and utilize them in repairs and restorations where the Original LGB loco calls for it. Klaus also installs them. Truth be told, they are easy DIY-projects for the LGB fan. 
Available in 5 Volt, 18 Volt and 24 Volt for $35.65

Seuthe smoke generators come in 5-Volt , 19-Volt and 24-Volt smokers. They are reliable (analog) smokers. They also work in digital operation. The generated smoke is better suited for indoor operation than outdoors and has no chuff-synchronization.

Chuff synchronization is delivered by "Pulsed" smokers. Klaus uses ESU  which offers a fine
brandnew pulsed smoker that will be available by early summer.
To quote ESU:
"Integral electronics control both the fan and the heating system of the smoke generator. Since we did not forget to include a temperature sensor the amount of smoke is independent of the track voltage. We have also made sure that nothing will burn if the tank is empty.
The amount of smoke and the revs of the fan can be determined by the LokSound XL V4.0 decoder. Of course both steam smoke plumes as well as typical diesel exhaust plumes can be realised. The steam exhaust plumes can be synchronised with external triggers or can be determined by the LokSound XL decoder. If you do not wish to use an ESU decoder you may still use the smoke generator:  It also accepts commands via the SUSI interface.
The larger smoke generator 54679 with its dimensions of ca. 50 x 28 x 30mm is compatible to many LGB® and PIKO® locomotives .... You can flexibly extend the exhausts (...) by means of a silicone tube."

The ESU Pulsed Smoker - brand new item 2014 -  Price to be announced

Klaus does NOT support any Massoth smoke units nor offers them for installation or restoration.

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