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Sound Decoder

Klaus utilizes the following sound decoders:

ESU V 4.0
(a driving and sound decoder combined)

sound decoders (sound decoder only, requires a driving decoder)

Dietz sound decoders and sound boards

All these manufacturers have in common to provide 
  • excellent sound quality
  • no unrelated side noises
  • newest technical standard
  • perfect match for LGB locos, excellent driving characteristics, max Amperage for power hungry LGB locos, 
  • technically matured and very well engineered software (e.g. the brake noise and the rail clangs actually stop when the engine stops
  • very diverse sound library
  • Klaus pre-programs the decoder according to LGB mapping standards, e.g. whistle on F1, bell F2, mute F6, smoke F7, shunting speed F8. The decoder fits into your Original LGB environment

                                       Watch the ESU XL V 4.0 in action - installed into a F 7
                                            click here: LGB F 7 slow op

                                              Price: $254.00

The ESU XL V4, 4 Amps continuous, 5 Amps in peaks. 2 x 6.5 Watt sound output. The V 4.0 is a combined driving & sound decoder with excellent driving characteristics and very,very good sound qualities Implement your own sound into this decoder. Outstanding slow performance! The power buffer (supporting just the driving operation) bridges brief power interruptions. 
Huge sound library for American loco sounds. Sampling rate is 8 bit but sounds like a 16 bit sound. Fire box light included. Can combine any sound from any loco with any other sound (e.g. steam sound with any kind of bell, whistle, station announcement- or else)  For analog and digital operation. 
Works with MTS and all NMRA compatible DCC systems; equipped with Railcom®.
Excellent performance in extreme slow speed, = snail pace Super performer.  No more stuttering in slow-mode operation; silent motor control; 12 dimmable function outputs; controls  A/C motors, no heat-built-up, various light functions (fire box light,
Gyro, MARS, Strobe); address range is 1- 9999. Measurements: 65 x 40 
x 13 mm , included. Works in analog, too but without the standing noise.

BigSound PB11 board        BigSound PB11 Price: $265.00

Phoenix Sound Decoder BigSound PB 11
Technically the best sound (decoder). 16-bit sound reproduction delivers museum-quality sound. 3 Watt amplifier delivers more than sufficient volume for outdoor operation. 3 Volt low speed operation to ensure constant sound at low run speeds. 5 triggers for external control like reed switches, remote control etc. Advanced circuit protection to forgive minor installation errors. More than 70 sounds available
Pure sound decoder, requires a driving decoder for digital operation. Works well in analog mode since it comes with NiMH battery and built-in battery charger.


Their sound decoders are stand alone sound decoders and can be operated with ANY driving decoder (if NMRA compatible). For those older generation driving decoders without a SUSI interface, Dietz offers a SUSI interface for just this purpose. The sound decoders work in analog and digital operation. Currently they operate at the higher price end. Klaus has installed Dietz products into LGB already and will closely observe and follow their next steps.


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