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Welcome to TrainCraft By Klaus.

We are the successor to Massoth Electronics USA. We focus on preserving and restoring LGB trains to maintain and increase their collector's value.

We offer

  • estate management for LGB trains: we help you purchase or sell LGB locos, specialty cars and rare driving stock
  • partial and full LGB loco restoration to Original Old German LGB standards since your "Famous Klaus" co-established those standards.
  • We repair and install in complete compliance with those Original old German LGB standards.
  • We provide original LGB parts, electric, and electronic parts to keep your LGB trains running. 
  • We appraise and valuate your LGB trains/ collection for insurance and auction purposes.
  • We provide high-quality driving and sound decoders that fit and enhance your LGB locos. All our decoders are fully compatible with any NMRA compatible decoders you are currently utilizing in your LGB locos. Just mix and match and enjoy your LGB loco even more.

We provide state-of-the-art technical service with Klaus' sophisticated workshop machinery. Klaus re-produces spare parts that are no longer available and re-manufactures parts while restoring your
LGB engine.

We import up to 95% of our parts, products and material from German suppliers who supplied to Märklin/LGB in the past or present, were supplied by Märklin/LGB or is Märklin/LGB. We also manufacture and/or assemble right here in the USA.

Our blog provides current news and information about LGB trains, LGB history and LGB collector's value development. Our 2nd blog contains historical events and historical background information re LGB.

Please feel free to contact us for further information on how to keep your LGB trains running  at or at or simply call at 770-886-6670.

Please email your comments or suggestions to the above mentioned email addresses. 
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