Gear Wheels, Rods and More

Gear Wheels


 There are about 15 different gear wheels used in LGB engines. Different LGB locos use different gear wheels and one LGB loco may have more than one type of gear wheel. All LGB gear wheels are made of plastic and were manufactured in Germany. Three colors are prevalent: white, grey and black. The color does not define the type needed.

Gear Wheel Demise

Gear wheels are subject to consumption just due to regular operation of the loco. After some 5 or 10 years running your loco on holidays, in summer or whenever the occasion arrives gear wheels simply are used up to the point where replacement is necessary. See below for technical insight into how the consumption occurs.

In case the loco runs 24-7 or similar - e.g. commercial users like doctor's offices,  children's hospitals,  Botanical Gardens, exhibitions - the axles work themselves into the motor block body thus widening the bearing of the axle (See  POM  for detailed information ). The axle starts to wobble thus changing the precision position of the gear wheel. The plastic gear wheel wears off, and the worm gear cannot grab it as before thus either the loco just stops or the motor gets too much load resulting in a slow demise.

In case the gear wheel is connected to an intermediate gear wheel this intermediate wheel then gets damaged as a result of the wobbling and the motor gets damaged in the long run as well. If this happens in a steam loco the wheels that are interconnected with a connecting rod loose their synchronization and start binding. The connecting rods get damaged and the motor will get a devastating overload.

What to do: Call Klaus (at 770-886-6670) and discuss your loco operation mode with him to determine what parts the loco requires and how to prevent similar damage in the future. Klaus has access to almost all old LGB-utilized motors ( standard Buehler motor, LGBchen motor, hand car motors, railcar motors and more) and the corresponding gear wheels for the motor and the loco. 

Connecting Rods

Connecting Rods vary from loco type to loco type depending on the  number of axles and wheel order. LGB used varying types of the same type of rod on the same loco type through the years. Sometimes a change in color was made or the material type changed from metal to plastic. Contact Klaus to find out what the correct type of connecting rod for your loco is. Most rods are available again at your regular LGB dealer. Some are easy to install some need professional tools.


All cables that Klaus utilizes in LGB trains are Made in USA in Klaus’ workshop. If you need a custom made cable, please call and Klaus will manufacture it according to your needs. Available cable types are

F 7 cable set, (1) 4-lead, (1) 2-lead

Mikado/ F7 4-lead cable- 

DCC light harness for LGB 2055/56.

10-phase cable for all loco functions f. LGB loco

F 7 2-lead cable

5-lead connection cable for xx23, 12 cm long

Banana plug cable for LGB locos 2015/17 series

4-lead cable set LGB for driving decoders connect to interface or motorblock

6-phase cable,for LGB 6-phase interface to control special loco functions 

Mounting Plates

Installing sound decoders or driving decoders and/or installing loud speakers often require mounting plates. Klaus manufactures these mounting plates on his lathe and mill from specialty plastic material that will withstand outdoor operation even under strenuous climate conditions. 

Spare Parts

Original LGB spare parts made a comeback to the US market in big numbers after 2013. Maerklin now provides almost all needed spare parts to keep your loco running. Most parts made today are also fitting into the old,original LGB engines and cars. If you need power shoes, traction tires, bumpers, couplers or similar, just google the item and you will find that quite a few dealers are popping up where you can buy the parts. In case you can't find what you're looking for, email Klaus and we will locate the part for you or in some cases reconstruct the part for you in Klaus workshop.

 For more information call 770-886-6670 or email