Installation of Sound Decoders and Smoke Generators

Sound Decoders

 Sound Decoders

Old analog sound boards as you will find them in very old, analog Moguls (2019S), old analog 2080S et al have a maximum lifespan of 18- 20 years. Their (sound boards) capacitors or transistors age and die. Therefore you might experience that a chuff is missing or gets weaker, the battery buffer doesn’t work anymore (no standing sound). Repair of these old sound boards is not possible since most of the old (dating back to 1983 to 1987) electronic boards are simply no longer made nor available.

Solution: installation of a Klaus’ recommended new technology sound board which may vary regarding the LGB loco type. Klaus supplies sound for all LGB loco types made from 1968 to 2006. If made after 2006 (by “LGB” or Märklin) or if you need sound for a non-LGB loco like Aristocraft, Klaus will find the sound you need using the leading state-of-the-art sound decoder manufacturers: ESU (Germany), and Phoenix (USA). On request Klaus may replace LGB sound decoders in historically precise restorations. All new sound decoders utilized by Klaus are update-able.

Sound board/decoder installations can be tricky. Depending on the type of LGB loco the innards of the loco might not provide enough space to place the decoder without conflicting with other parts, there might not be a cut-out for the loudspeaker and cable length might be tight. Therefore Klaus has designed and manufactured various accessories for sound installation like the decoder support plate for a Mogul, the 57mm disk for loud speaker installation, several loud speaker adapters and other helpful gadgets. 

Sound installations by Klaus

For LGB Diesel loco types starting at………………………US$ 400.00

  including sound decoder/board, 

Loudspeaker, misc + workshop time

For LGB Steam engines starting at…………………….……US$ 480.00

including sound decoder/board, 

Hall sensor set Loudspeaker, misc + 

workshop time

For LGB electric locos……all sounds available!…………please inquire

LGB engine restorations and unique sound installations receive a Certificate.

ESU Sound Decoder

ESU Loksound decoders come in a “package” with the driving decoder and sound decoder combined on one board. Klaus utilizes the field  and Klaus- tested ESU LoksoundXL V5, 4-6 Amps driving power, sound output 2 x 6.5 Watt, 2 loudspeakers, 2 channel sound output, 16bit rate, can be adjusted to all motor types, works extremely good at extreme slow speed (“snail motion”), field tested by ESU and Klaus!

Phoenix Sound Decoder

Phoenix sounds are of very high and excellent sound quality. Chuffs, bell, whistle and rumbles are clear and distinctly separated. The Phoenixsound does require an additional driving decoder and matches with ANY NMRA compatible decoders on the market. 

Please email or call Klaus for further information.

Smoke generators analog operation

 Seuthe smoke generators are the traditional smoke generators used in LGB locos. We carry them in stock and utilize them in repairs and restorations where the Original LGB loco calls for it. Klaus also installs them. Truth be told, they are easy DIY-projects for the LGB fan.
Seuthe smoke generators come in 5-Volt , 19-Volt and 24-Volt smokers. They are reliable (analog) smokers. The y also work in digital operation. The generated smoke is better suited for indoor operation than outdoors and has no chuff-synchronization.

Digital Smoke Generators

Chuff synchronization is delivered by "Pulsed" smokers. Klaus uses ESU  which offers a fine pulsed smoker
To quote ESU:
"Integral electronics control both the fan and the heating system of the smoke generator. Since we did not forget to include a temperature sensor the amount of smoke is independent of the track voltage. We have also made sure that nothing will burn if the tank is empty.
The amount of smoke and the revs of the fan can be determined by the LokSound XL V5.0 decoder. Of course both steam smoke plumes as well as typical diesel exhaust plumes can be realised. The steam exhaust plumes can be synchronised with external triggers or can be determined by the LokSound XL decoder. If you do not wish to use an ESU decoder you may still use the smoke generator:  It also accepts commands via the SUSI interface.
The larger smoke generator 54679 with its dimensions of ca. 50 x 28 x 30mm is compatible to many LGB® and PIKO® locomotives .... You can flexibly extend the exhausts (...) by means of a silicone tube."