Work Scope

   Klaus repairs about anything in, on, and around an LGB loco or car that can be repaired. In case it is beyond repair, the damaged part will be replaced with either an Original LGB part or be re-made/manufactured by Klaus in his workshop.

The most common repairs are replacing motors , repair short circuits and/or faulty wiring, replacing worn-out and/or missing parts, replacing all kinds of decoders. Sophisticated "repairs" include tracing faults and error diagnostics e.g. in motor malfunctions, tricky short circuits, worn-out decoders/boards. The diagnostics-resulting installations (e.g. driving decoder and/or sound installations) with  model-fitting and model-enhancing loudspeaker cutouts, custom-built adapters, custom cables and wiring and more.

Work Scope
Klaus repairs LGB locomotives and cars in complete compliance with the old German LGB standards. These standards were co-developed by Klaus while he consulted LGB Lehmann Patentwerk in product improvement. Klaus also worked in close co-operation with Günter Ruhland, the General Mold Master LGB.

Repairs by Klaus guarantee the continuation and sometimes the reinstatement of Original Old German LGB standards in your LGB locomotive and LGB car.

All spare parts used in repairs are either Original LGB spare parts or - if those Original parts are no longer available on the market - are re-engineered by Klaus according to old LGB standards.

Klaus uses Bühler motors in repairs which are the Original motors used by LGB in Germany. Replacement decoders are tested by Klaus and made by German manufacturers that are or have been suppliers for Märklin LGB in Germany..

Klaus utilizes specialty glue, ONLY.

All cables and wires used in repairs are complying to standard LGB wire gauge.

 For further information and advice call Klaus at 770-886-6670 or email at